Tony Tambasco directs Romeo and Juliet with Sheboygan Theatre Co.

Tony Tambasco directs William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for the Sheboygan Theatre Co. in Sheboygan, WI in February 2018.

Bringing Shakespeare's classic text to life with a modern look in the Leslie W. Johnson Theatre, Romeo and Juliet features David Quinn as Romeo and Sarah Huebner as Juliet, with Duncan Doherty as Mercutio, Quintin Zufelt as Benvolio, Bernie Starzewski as Capulet, David Bourgeois as Montague, Theresa Luke as Tybalt, Kim Koeppen as Juliet's Nurse, Mark Jorgensen as Paris, Coralee Sandee as Lady Capulet, and Brad Leonhardt as Friar Laurence.