Soundboard is a Java based sound cueing application that will make building and executing your sound designs a snap. A few simple playback, fade, pause, and stop cues can be used to create an elegant design that won't take you more than 10 minutes to teach even the most inexperienced intern to run. Since Soundboard is built in Java, it will run on just about any computer capable of running Java 1.6 or above, which means you don't need to buy an expensive multimedia server to run your designs. And Soundboard supports Ogg-Vorbis and FLAC, in addition to other common file formats. Soundboard is Free software available for download from from Sourceforge: Download Soundboard

Gateway Haunt is an iOS and Android app to accompany The Gateway's Haunted Playhouse attraction. It contains information about the attraction, as well as story elements and details to enhance audience experience. Originally published in 2021 as "Camper's Pike."

A simple javascript function to convert facebook embed post code into a basic URL. Try it here...

Gateway Link Cleaner
A simple javascript function to convert Audience View URLs to human readable ones when a permalink has been specified Try it here...

These perl programs are prototypes for applications I plan on developing further in the future, but which are useful in their own right for those comfortable working with command-line perl.
addFifthLine: Add a line number to every fifth line of plays on the MIT Shakespeare.

cueScriptGen: Create a cue script, a script which contains only the lines for a character or characters and their cues to speak, from a play on the MIT Shakespeare.

charScenePlot: Create a plot of which character is in which scene of a play on the MIT Shakespeare, or which is based on the Bad Quarto web format.

Rubyturgy is a Ruby application designed to assist students of literature, especially theatre, with textual analysis. Currently it supports the ability to count all occurences of all words in a single text file (or URL), and to compare occurences of a word across multiple files/URLs.

LW4::Reader is a Perl module that will allow you to read a file created by John McKernon's Lightwright version 4. Lightwright 4 was not available for POSIX compliant operating systems, and this module was designed to make reading those files and extracting key data easier. Since Lightwright 4 has been superseded by Lightwright 5, I have ceased active development of LW4::Reader.